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Business Cleaning


We do general cleaning services for all types of business including banks, offices, courier companies, restaurants, day care centers, private schools, and small health care facilities.

Services include the following:

  • – Clean building floors by sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, or vacuuming them.
  • – Gather and empty trash.
  • – Service, clean, and supply restrooms.
  • – Follow procedures for the use of chemical cleaners and power equipment, in order to prevent damage to floors and fixtures.
  • – Monitor building security and safety by performing such tasks as locking doors after operating hours and checking electrical appliance use to ensure that hazards are not created.
  • – Move heavy furniture, equipment, and supplies, either manually or by using hand trucks.
  • – Remove snow from sidewalks, driveways, and parking areas, using snow plows, snow blowers, and snow shovels, and spread snow melting chemicals.
  • – Set up, arrange, and remove decorations, tables, chairs, ladders, and scaffolding to prepare facilities for events such as banquets and meetings.
  • – Clean and polish furniture and fixtures.
  • – Clean windows, glass partitions, and mirrors, using soapy water or other cleaners, sponges, and squeegees.
  • – Dust furniture, walls, machines, and equipment.
  • – Mix water and detergents or acids in containers to prepare cleaning solution, according to specifications.
  • – Steam-clean or shampoo carpets.
  • – Strip, seal, finish, and polish floors.
  • – Clean and restore building interiors damages by fire, smoke, or water, using commercial cleaning equipment.
  • – Clean laboratory equipment, such as glassware and metal instruments, using solvents, brushes, rags, and power cleaning equipment.